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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Sweet Rock® dealer. Our Sweet Rock® scented products make a perfect match for the Flea Market, Swap Meet, and speciality market vendors. Within this portion of our website you will be able to review all the information for you to become a dealer. Read the info below to begin your journey into becoming a profitable Sweet Rock® dealer.
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How to become a Sweet Rock Dealer

1. Have a venue to sell the product. Such as, Flea Markets, Swap Meets, Website, Craft Shows, Fairs, etc. Read the following policies relative to becoming a Sweet Rock dealer.
2. Select an initial order (1 or more) or create your own order for $150.00. Click on buttons below to see Initial Order comparisons. The initial orders have been compiled from our top selling products.
Note: you can add/change items to the initial orders.  Simply note your changes when you order.
Use the wholesale Price List and Order form below if you want to create your own initial order or to print for future reference.
Wholesale Price List
Sweet Rock Order Form
3. Place your order by one of the following methods. (EIN, Sales Tax number or Social Security Number Required)
          a. Email your order to
         b. Fax your order to (859) 291-7300 or efax to (859) 663-2581
         c. Telephone your order to (800) 622-6752
         d. Order online
When paying by credit card, please provide the STREET NUMBER and ZIP CODE for the billing address of the card. In addition, provide the 3 digit CVV number from the back of the card.

4.  You are now an authorized dealer, enjoy the selling of the Sweet Rock products.
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This portion of the website does not discuss the individual products, only procedures to become a Sweet Rock dealer. To review the Sweet Rock products please return to the main website or go to our Wholesale Online ordering section...