The following information provides an explanation of the WHOLESALE Terms Of Sale. This info is for Wholesale dealers ONLY.
Authorized Locations To Sell Sweet Rock Products

Flea Market

Swap Meets
Craft Shows

Monthly Markets
Mall Kiosk/Carts (short periods of time)

Wholesaling is Prohibited at any venue. Visit our sister product line Azenta Products for permanent store locations.

Initial Predetermined Orders
Incense Powder Product line – $75, $150, $250, $500, or $750
These packages include a selection of incense powders, burners, incense powder kits, demo powders and burners.

Air Fresheners, Fragrance Oil Product LIne – $125 or $250
These packages include a selection of Auto Air Fresheners and Fragrance Oils.

Free Demonstration Materials
1 demo burner for every 36 burners ordered (per order)
1 demo powder per each $100 of incense powder and powder kits (per order)

Placing Orders
Notify Sweet Rock with your customer information Click Here (Tax Id or SSN required) and select one of the initial orders.
All re-orders have a $75 minimum.
You can place your order 24/7 online at (Contact Sweet Rock for Login Information)

Toll Free (888) 463-3772 or (800) 622-6752     Tele (859) 581-9407     Fax (888) 270-3872

Forms Of Payment

Credit Cards

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The street number and zip code for the billing address for the card is required. The 3 digit CVV number on the back of the card is required.


We accept payments of Money Order or Cashiers Check only. NO company or personal checks.
UPS COD charges will be added at the current rate PER BOX and subject to change yearly. NO COD SHIPMENTS WITH FIRST ORDER. COD’s require a $75 paid deposit prior to shipping of the order. This $75 will be forfeited should the order be returned for any reason.


Sweet Rock will accept prepayment of orders by Money Order or Cashiers Check, NO Personal Checks allowed.
Prepayment orders will be shipped when the payment is received.
Freight charges can be approximated by calculating 15% of the merchandise amount.

Freight Forwarders/Shipping Charges
The freight fowarder used by Sweet Rock is the United Parcel Service. All orders are shipped by Ground Service unless requested otherwise. Each box is automatically insured by the UPS for a value of $100 for loss or damages. Should the box value exceed the $100 value, the additional insurance amount will be added to your shipping charges.

Returned Shipments
A fee of 25% of the merchandise amount or $50, whichever is greater, for orders that must be restocked.

Product Guarantee
All products are fully guaranteed against factory defects. If you determine that a product is defective, merchandise will be replaced (on next order) or your account will be credited.

Tax Information
All dealers MUST have on file with Sweet Rock their State Sales Tax number. Please provide this information prior to placing your initial order. Proper payment of all local, state, and federal taxes are the sole responsiblity of each individual dealer.

Registered Trademarks
FerraStone®, Sweet Rock®, Azenta®, GridStone®, and Burner Haven® are Federal Registered Trademarks and/or names. Therefore, no one is authorized to use any part of these names as thier company name. You are encouraged to advertise that you are a dealer of Sweet Rock products.