Incense Stick Specifications: Size: 11” Long
Burn Time: Approx 60 minutes per stick
Qty: 20 Sticks per package or Bulk Bags of 100 sticks

We did a comparison of our 11″ incense sticks to the competition.  The results are listed below.  You make the determination of  which stick is better.

Category Sweet Rock
Soot Minimal to none Massive amounts of soot when you light the stick.
Burning – tested 20 sticks with different scents 100% of our sticks burned without having to relight. 20% of their sticks went out and had to relight.
Scent Intensity Excellent Excellent
Scent Selection 24 of our top selling scents (we plan on increasing this number) At least twice as many as us
Lighting the Stick It may take a little longer to light then the competition, however you have a more controlled flame. Easier to light but you get a large flame that spreads rapidly down the stick.
Length of Burn Approx  1 hour Approx  1 hour

Listed below is our selection of fragrances that we provide for our incense sticks..  The two character code is the identifier for the respective fragrance.

20 Stick Pack Item Number: 416XX
Bulk Pack Item Number: 416XX-B100

The XX is the two character fragrance indentifier.


Cherry/Berry – CB
China Rain – CR
Cinnamon – CI
Cool Water – CW
Dragon’s Blood – DB
Egyptian Musk – EM
Frankincense – FR
Honeysuckle – HO
Jasmine – JA
Lavender – LA
Nag Champa – NC
Patchouli – PA

Plumeria – PL
Pumpkin Spice – PK
Rain – RN
Raspberry – RA
Rose – RO
Sage Brush – SG
Sandalwood – SA
Sex On The Beach – SX
Spiced Apple – SP
Strawberry – ST
Tropical Blend – TB
Vanilla – VA