A series of small statuettes (approx 2”) made from cast-stone material that is capable of absorbing SR Renewing Oils. The Side Lights are identical to the Auto Air Fresheners. The difference is an “S” hook in lieu of the elastic strap. They are designed to hang from the lamp shade support. The heat of the light bulb helps diffuse the fragrance of the Side Light throughout the room. The distance from the light bulb will determine how fast the fragrance will diffuse.

They are pre-scented with Sweet Rock #7 Renewing Oil. This scent can last up to 4 weeks, at which point it may be re-scented with any other SR Renewing Oil. Simply drop 15-20 drops of oil on the top of the air freshener to renew the scent.

We currently have 26 different styles of the Side Lite Air Fresheners

How to Renew Your Sweet Rock Air Freshener

Slowly squeeze 10 to 20 drops on the TOP HALF of your Sweet Rock® Air Freshener to renew or to change the fragrance. The Renewing Oil can be applied every 3-4 weeks or whenever desired.